Mono: mono symptoms and mono treatment.

Getting Mono As An Adult

One of the problems of getting mono when you are an adult is that it's probably one of the last things that the doctor will think of testing for! Mono is usually associated with teenagers and college students, but if you didn't catch it then and have teenagers in the house you may catch it from them, even if they are asymptomatic! Also if you have been under a lot of stress recently, a previous attack of mono can be reactivated.

So if you are over 40 and have an unexplained fever lasting more than a week, you should ask your doctor if you may have mono. This is especially true if you also have enlarged lymph glands, as another name for mono is glandular fever.

Not Just Flu

In many cases mono can seem like another bad case of the flu that just drags on too long. If you have even mildly swollen armpits, a sore throat or tonsillitis and feel tired all the time with something you just can't shake off, it's worth getting a mono test.

Asking your doctor for antibiotics if you have mono is pointless as the Epstein Barr Virus is a virus, and viruses don't respond to antibiotics. In fact if you have mono and are given an antibiotic because your doctor thinks you have a case of strep throat, you may develop a red rash which is another sign for your doctor that you may have an attack of mono.

Blood Test

A simple blood test will show whether you have mono and if you do your doctor will tell you what symptoms you should watch out for in case of complications.

One of the more serious symptoms to watch out for is hepatitis, or jaundice, as people with mono often have elevated liver enzymes. So if the whites of your eyes start to go yellow you need to go back to the doctor. Otherwise there isn't really any treatment apart from bed rest and making sure you keep well hydrated.

Looking After Yourself

You may want to take pain relievers for the symptoms, but avoid aspirin.  Get lots of rest and if you feel up to it you might enjoy a little light reading, listening to the radio or watching T.V. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, as it's the best way to heal.

Chicken soup is a good remedy whenever someone is feeling run down as it is full of protein and other nutrients and is easy to digest. If you combine that with vitamin C and other immune boosters it should help you feel better faster. In most cases of mono you can be back on your feet again in under a month, and if you look after yourself properly you can be up and about again within a couple of weeks.

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