Finding the balance between daily life and mono

Mono is an illness that can cause many painful symptoms and acute exhaustion. An episode of mono can last for several months. 

Even after the symptoms have subsided, the virus remains dormant in the body. Recurring episodes can occur, particularly in people suffering from stress and exhaustion.

The challenges of long term illness

On days where the symptoms of mono are acute, it can be hard to carry out day to day activities. This is particularly problematic for people who are caring for their children or elderly relatives.

It can cause tensions in the work place, and sometimes financial stress and relationship difficulties. People with mono need to rest a lot, but this can be difficult if they feel under pressure to 'get well'.

It's ok to feel overwhelmed and angry, but following some simple guidelines can help you to regain some balance and control.

Goals - juggling life responsibilities is hard even without sickness. Now is a good time to reset your goals and make them realistic.

Saying no - you can't manage everything while you are sick. Saying 'no' or 'let me think about it' is a good tool for picking the projects that are really important to you.

One day at a time - the symptoms of mono can fluctuate. To avoid disappointment, don't make too many plans too far in advance. Wait and see how you are feeling each day before you make commitments.

Quality time - spend time with your family, but pick activities that you can cope with. Even watching TV with your kids if you are too tired to play will feel like quality time together.

Accept help - everyone wants to feel independent when they are sick. However, it's important to recognize the need for help with your daily activities. You may need friends to collect the children or help with the shopping. Recognize that this situation will not last forever and accept the help that you are offered.

Get enough sleep - mono can make you feel exhausted. It's important to give your body the sleep it needs in order to feel better. It's more beneficial to sleep than to finish all your housework or complete a work task. In the long run, you will have more energy from sleeping.

Have some fun - despite the complications of being unwell, it's wise to set aside some time for having fun. Anything from enjoying the company of friends to watching a comedy can help relieve stress and remind you to smile.


Finding balance in your life while you are sick is very difficult, but it is possible. You can try writing yourself a plan with realistic goals and hopes. If you have a difficult period, you can always adjust your expectations.

Try to benefit from the help and support being offered to you. It can be very frustrating, but remind yourself that when you are well, you can give that support back to someone else who needs it.

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