Natural Mono Remedies

There is no known cure for mononucleosis. The symptoms of mono can only be dealt with and the patient can only be made to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Mono simply needs time in order for the person to get better. While traditional medicine does not have a cure for mono, there are a number of coping mechanisms and alternative therapies that have been shown to have a good deal of success.

Relaxation Techniques Help People with Mono

Studies have shown that relaxation techniques, including guided imagery, meditation and biofeedback, may help people with EBV.

Ten relaxation studies showed that relaxation methods reduced white blood cells which rise during infection and increased the number of antibodies which fight infection.

Relaxation certainly can't hurt and it is possible that these techniques can actually physically alter the state of the person's condition.

Take extra folate

When you have an infection, your immune system needs extra folate, which is vitamin B9. This helps your body to make new cells and antibodies.

Studies were done to examine the folate levels in 260 patients with various viral and other infections. 15 of these patients were infected with EBV. 9 of the 15 patients with mono were found to have insufficient levels of folate, and patients with other viruses were also found to be lacking in this.

The study's authors suggest that a shortage of folate relate to fatigue and may increase the recovery time following a viral infection such as EBV. It is certainly worth while to take folate supplements while recovering from mono, and to ask your doctor about this idea.


Traditional Chinese medicine

Research has also shown that a combination of homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may help to improve the symptoms for someone with mono.

The most common homeopathic remedies that are used in combination with TCM include Lycopodium, Silicea, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Mercurius, Nux vomica, Sepia, and Pulsatilla.

Any of these techniques may be helpful to relieve some of the symptoms associated with mono and to decrease the length of the mono virus. It is important to discuss these ideas with your doctor and to explore your natural mono options along with other medical options.

More natural suggestions

These activities are low impact and help to nurture your body back to health. If you still don't feel like leaving the house, or feel that you have very little energy, you may be able to have someone come to you for a massage, and you might find a yoga tape that you can do at home.

There is always a way to find creative avenues for the activities that will help you back to health!


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that actually dates all the way back to 2500 BC. The goal of yoga is to help you to bring your health, happiness and sense of self into alignment.

Yoga deals with both the mind and the body in a gentle, nurturing way. The techniques employed focus on your posture and alignment, as well as helping you to get in touch with a higher consciousness.

It uses breathing techniques, meditation and postures to calm you emotionally and to tone your body.

Yoga may be the perfect exercise for a person recovering from mono. It allows you to slowly ease back into doing something physical with your body, without putting too much strain on your heart or your muscles.

Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure, to increase circulation, to build muscle tone and to relieve stress. It can also strengthen the respiratory system.


Massage therapy can help you to relax after a bout of mono and to energize your muscles. During a massage, a trained massage therapist manipulates the soft tissues in various areas of your body.

While therapists usually use their hands, they can also use their forearms, their elbows, their feet and other tools such as hot rocks. The goal of massage is to relax the body, to loosen tension and to help the muscles to regain their tone and flexibility.

Massage can, if desired, be combined with aromatic oils that can help in stress reduction and in boosting the immune system.

For someone recovering from mono, massage is a great way to relax and to work sore muscles. It can re-energize a tired body and help you to boost your muscle tone and your energy.


One other great suggestion for recovering from mono is to engage in hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that is done in the water with a trained hydrotherapist.

The hydrotherapist helps you to gently exercise your muscles and to work with your body in the water. For someone recovering from mono, whose muscles are quite weak, this can be a great idea and a way to gently recover from the illness.

Since water is a no-impact form of exercise, it can feel very nurturing to someone with sore and tired muscles to get into the water and exercise in this way.

These activities can offer the person recovering from mono some relief and some nurturing. They can strengthen the body and help to boost the immune system.

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