Getting Sick On Vacation

Getting sick on vacation is the pits! You have saved for your vacation, looked forward to it for months and then almost as soon as you've unpacked and can really relax, you get sick! And if you are far from home in a foreign country where you don't speak the language you feel even worse than you would if you were at home tucked up in your own bed. The only plus side is if you are in a good quality hotel because then at least you have the luxury of room service!

Why Does It Happen?

Very often you have been under a lot of stress and literally too busy to get sick, ignoring symptoms and just struggling on, finishing off the last of your work so that you feel free to relax on vacation. Then as soon as you arrive your body hits you with the triple whammy! Being on a plane also exposes you to a lot of different viruses and if your immune system is the slightest bit run down you can be vulnerable to whatever is going. A change of climate or time zone together with a long flight can also be very tiring, so all you may need is a couple of days to recover.

If You Don't Feel Better Quickly

If after a few days you still feel exhausted, have a sore throat and swollen glands you may have mono. If you have travel health insurance and are in a country where you speak the language, you might want to arrange to see a doctor and have blood tests to check. If you do have the illness, as there is no treatment for mono apart from lots of rest and plenty of fluids, you may decide to lie on the beach under an umbrella and sip non-alcoholic drinks for the rest of your vacation. If however you are having an active, sporty or touring holiday you may prefer to see if you can fly home early and rest at home.

What To Do Next

Make sure you don't give the virus to anyone else so don't share food, drinks, and utensils and definitely don't kiss them! Boost your immune system by taking a vitamin supplement and eating nutritious food. Even though fresh fruit, salad and vegetables are good for you, it's a good idea to peel them first or stay away from them completely when in foreign countries as you don't know what sprays may have been used or where the water supply comes from. The last thing you want is a sick tummy along with your other illness! And if you are in a foreign country where the water is suspect, make sure you remember to use bottled water even when you clean your teeth!

Whether you decide to stay on vacation and rest or fly home to your own bed, don't forget to check out the rest of our website and learn more about mono.

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