Treating Mono with Acyclovir

There are many different drugs and treatments on the market today that attempt to treat mono and Epstein Barr. Most doctors will tell you, however, that the only real treatment for mono is time.

There isn't an easy cure for mono or a way to guarantee that it will affect you for a shorter amount of time. The way to get rid of your mono is to rest, eat right, and nurture your body to get better.

Feeling Better with Acyclovir

One drug that people use to treat mono is Acyclovir. This drug inhibits the replication of the herpes viruses inside the cells. While some studies do show that patients have improved when using Acyclovir, their improvement can take as much as six months of continuous treatment. Patients do report that they feel better while on Acyclovir.

Physical Proof that It's Working

Research does show a decrease in antibody titers after treatment with Acyclovir. The drug treatment groups also show a decreased shedding of Epstein Barr virus from the throat.

One of the problems with this drug, however, is that the virus replication did resume when the treatment stopped. Researchers also found that the duration of symptoms didn't differ much between the Acyclovir group and the placebo groups in these studies.

Since it can take up to six months for the drug to work, it would make sense that the drug doesn't necessarily help with the symptoms, and that most patients recover on their own before the drug even takes its effect!

Possible Side Effects of Acyclovir

In addition to its inconclusive help with mono, Acyclovir also has some strong side effects. Before deciding whether or not to take this drug, it is certainly important to understand the possible side effects.

Side effects might include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. Some people have reported that they started to lose their hair after prolonged use. Other people reported feeling dizzy, tired, having skin rashes, leg pains, and sore throats.

Certainly, Acyclovir is but one medication that people take for treating mono. Many people advocate using natural therapies and taking good care of yourself rather than looking for prescription medications.

It is certainly important to discuss your mono treatment options with your doctor before beginning this, or any other, mono treatment.

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