Alternative Treatments

Mononucleosis takes a long hard toll on your body and there isn't that much that traditional medicine can do to help. If you've already seen your family physician or if you want to give things a bit of a boost, you may want to try the alternative medicine route. It certainly won't do you any harm, and may just do you some good, as long as you make sure that you follow only the safe advice in our section on alternative treatments. You'll get no-nonsense advice on herbs, nutritional supplements, vitamins and diet all of which can contribute to better health along with such treatments as aromatherapy which is designed to help heal and cleanse the body through the power of herbal aromas.

Part of the difficulty of mono is the way it saps you of all energy. Eating special energizing foods can put the starch back into you fast, but you need to know the right foods to try.

Many people prefer a more holistic approach to their health than traditional medicine can afford. Homeopathic medicine has many faithful adherents who swear by this method as a means of relieving symptoms and curing illness. After all, modern medicine is, in the main, stymied by viruses. Homeopathy may just be right up your alley as a means to restoring your good health.

Chinese medicine is a very old and effective form of medicine. Some people swear by acupuncture as the best cure for mono, since this ancient method, whereby special needles are painlessly inserted into your acupressure points, can restore balance to the body, improve your health and overturn the extreme fatigue that attends a bout of mononucleosis.

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