Supplements, Herbs and Other Ideas for Mono Recovery

When you are recovering from mono, you want your recovery to come quickly and easily. Since there is no definitive cure for mono, other than rest and time, this can be very frustrating to many people.

You may be able to speed up your recover, however, and strengthen your immune system by eating the right diet, taking supplements and following other healthy suggestions.

None of these ideas guarantee a quick recovery. Before listening to these, or any other suggestions, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor or meet with a nutritionist.


When you have an infection, your immune system gets quite run down. It is not easy to build your system back up. It is a process that certainly takes time.

There are a number of supplements, however, they may be able to give your body a much-needed boost and that may help you with your recovery. Certainly, all of these ideas should not be taken together.

Different people will need to decide which supplements work for them, based on recommendations from their doctor.

A daily multivitamin may help you with your strength. The vitamin should contain antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, and B-vitamins and trace minerals.

To decrease inflammation and to improve your immunity, you might try omega-3 fatty acids. These include fish oil in either capsule form (1-2 a day) or in tablespoon form (1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day).

100-200 mg of Coenzyme Q10 at bedtime will help with immunity and muscular support during the night.

Similarly, melatonin (2-5mg) taken one hour before bedtime will help with sleep and immune protection.

Other antioxidant helpers include N-acetyl cysteine (200 mg a day) and Acetyl-L-carnitine (500mg a day). To help with your digestion and your immunity, you can take probiotic supplements. These should remain in the refrigerator for best results.


An interesting study was done to look at how folate helped people with viral and other infections. Blood levels of folate were tested in 260 patients, 15 of whom had EBV.

Nine of these 15 patients were found to have insufficient levels of folate, and patients with other infections were found to have similar percentages of deficiencies.

The study's authors posit that the folate shortage may correlate with fatigue and with a longer recovery time. While more research is necessary, it may be worthwhile to look into taking folate supplements if you are recovering from mono.


While no scientific research has pinpointed specific herbs that will help with mono recovery, herbalists believe that there are many that may be helpful.

Herbalists frequently use herbs to boost the immune system and to help with viral infections. Echinacea, wild indigo and licorice are all used to boost immunity.

Retinoic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid (from licorice root) may also be used to boost immunity. Both Astragalus and lomatium are used to treat infections and chronic viral problems.

Certainly, you should consult with a doctor before beginning any of these treatments and you should always be under the care of a trained herbalist or doctor when using these herbs.

Hopefully, these natural treatment suggestions will speed up the mono recovery time and will get you feeling like your old self soon enough.

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